Smart Class Rooms

The design specifications of our classrooms allow them to be comfortable, optimally lit with a capacity to accommodate 45 students; however, the maximum capacity envisaged is 35 students.

The tables and benches are carefully carpentered to ensure that the edges are round and smooth so that that it cannot hurt the children. It has further been ensured that the furniture is comfortable enough to keep the child’s posture straight and upright.

Each classroom is well equipped with the newest quality of study furniture, racks, and many more features for the children to stack up their required study and activity material. There are also a host of bulletin boards and display boards placed both inside and outside the classrooms.

YCS is committed to, the "e-learning system" has been incorporated as an integral part of the school's learning system. For this, there are "smart boards" with "e-content" provided in each classroom.