Pre- primary sections:

The curriculum of the tiny tots is carefully designed aiming that school is the second home with mother- teacher policy.

Child- centered practical learning approach is followed.It’s a blend of numerous activities to develop their gross motor skills.

Primary sections:

The curriculum of the juniors sections is concept oriented teaching in play way methods. With the use of visualizations children are made to understand the concepts in a better way. Projects are given to make the child learn beyond what is taught in the classroom.

High School Sections:

The curriculum of these classes is so carefully designed to ensure that today’s child must be motivated to face the challenges such as- IIT, AIEEE, JIPMER, NIIT etc.

Foundation classes are taken in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology Sciences are made easy to understand through practical experiments in the labs. Our children are free to access the 24 x7 internet lab provided to them to grow with technology.