Thoughts Co-Create Our Reality

Let us remember the Words of Swami Vivekananda,

"Till the brain with high thoughts and height ideas,Placethem day and night before work.


has made the words of Swami Vivekananda Come true


We focus on

- infinite energy,infinite enthusiasm,

infinite daring and infinite Patience which fill,

our aim to accomplish the great deeds,to

face the life with challange, Confidence,

Courage and character to fill our aspiration.

Our Institution

infinite daring and infinite Patience which fill,

our aim to accomplish the great deeds,to

face the life with challange, Confidence,

Courage and character to fill our aspiration.

Syllabus & IIT Foundation Course

The Syllabus is based on the state Pattern and other selected publications to install wide and advanced knowledge to the students apart from the examination point of view.

To tune the childrento words the competitive atmosphere our school imparts special foundation course in IIT - JEE ,AIEEE,EAMCET for UG to X classes.

So the children build their strength in facing any competitive examinations.

In this modern IT era computer literacy has become vital Our School gives importance to computer science and information Technology.

We have a well equipped computer lab with multimedia PC's, LAN facilities ,Printers, Projectors and with numerous educational CD's in addition to

A.V Lab

In the present Society the teaching is limited to black or green board teaching where the students is passive To make the education more effective and intresting we use the method of Audio Visual teaching which makes the students active.

What else could be a richer for a student with the thirst for Knowledge? Obviously it is the library which provides a welth of information.A well equipped library is like a well equipped gym to Young mind the more you make use of it; you became the smarter and mentally This ides has been filled by our institition with a good number of book.

Paradise of the Reader

Place of Scientific Research

Demonstration and involving of students in practical approach will definitely yield reaping results. Our School has established sophisticated labs for Physics, Chemistry & Biology that are equipped with the latest infrastructure to cater the needs of the students.

Language Lab

More than 75% of all , communication is devoted to the oral communication process with rise of the TT industry and co current lack communication skills seen in young graduates.There is alot of focus being put on this area of language. Right from the primary level we are able to build our students abilities to express themselves adequately with the help of Language lab,the unique feautre of Yosoda Concept School.

Cultural Activities

Extra Cultural Activities

A mix traditional and modern activities that promote all-round development by skilled and dedicated group of ancillary staff. Students' participation in school affairs: Involvement in Menu Planning, Descipline, Orientation for new students and representation in school advisory committe with the objective of imparting matured behaviour.

Internal Competitions

A Joyous experience in Yosoda

Every Moment a beautiful moment

Every Day a beautiful day

Every Chilled, a precious child

Growing up as a leading light"

Yasoda concept school provides an environment which is conducive to carry forward the passion of competition the students and to reach the greather heights. It connects the students who come from the varied backgrounds this is also a place for a student to develop in different aspects, character, postive attitude and discipline. It makes the students to realize the real ambition green and sprawling campus, an impressive building, healthy and child friendly environment is provided. It's a family where the children are nurtured.


Our class programme provideds valuable guidance supplemented by treasure of tips to ensure the best knowledge for emerging young minds and to elevate themselves to lead towards success, we have a well experienced and trained faculty who provides them in depth knowledge is molding them as good citizen.


We operate well designed school buses with almost response and care about our students. They are neatly maintained by our vehicle department with periodical inspections.