Co-Curricular Activities

Co-Curricular Activities:

Creativity is one of the quiet essential attributes that distinguishes the human being from other forms of life.

Our excess physical energy is given a meaningful direction through activities like sports and games. Our spiritual surplus can be utilized effectively through activities like yoga and meditation.

At YCS, we integrate a wide range of creative activities within our curriculum. We consider artistic and cultural activities to be very important with regard to the harmonious development of the total personality.

Every child at YCS has to participate in all the activities and take part in all competitions scheduled as part of the regular timetable.

Other activities like dramatics, creative writing, debate, extempore, essay writing, elocution, quizzing, slogan writing, poetry contest, group discussion and many much more forms an essential part of education at YCS.

While within the regular curriculum our children get a general exposure to such pursuits, we offer them specialized training in many of these areas in our hobby classes. We also encourage them to participate in Intra School and inter school competitions.

Activities such as- Bindi Sticking, Sand Pouring, Cotton Sticking, Thumb Printing, Lady’s Finger Printing, Chemki Sticking, Food Grain Sticking, Tooth Pik Sticking etc.

Extra Curricular Activities::

Sports and Games:

At YCS the sports curriculum is uniquely designed by our Physical Education Instructors with the understanding that every student is physically endowed differently and thus the array of sporting activities have to be diverse enough to suit various aptitudes.

We have invested heavily in creating the finest and most extensive sports infrastructure. The sports facilities are built to international specifications and provide a wide choice of sports and games. The sports faculty, compromising highly qualified and experienced instructors will endeavor to develop the finest sportspersons and teams who can win laurels for the school and the country.

Physical Education

“A sound mind in a sound body”

We also believe in the same and give equal importance for the physical education in our school. We give practice for March past, Pyramids, Yoga and meditation. Apart from these, we also give practice for Mass Drill, Flag Drill, Ribbons Drill, Hoops Drill, Fan Drill, Dumbbells Drill, Lesims Drill etc.

Field Trips and Educational Tours

Interaction with nature and wildlife is important to develop an understanding of the delicate balance and relationship we share with our environment.

We do arrange industrial visits for the high school children.

During outdoor excursions students learn to develop the dynamics of group interaction, interdependence and team spirit.

We focus on making students understand, respect and protect nature and the environment.